This Cost Includes books, all classroom materials, after hours instruction, FAA written exam, FAA practical exam & interview prep program.

Since our founding in January 2018 only one student has failed their first attempt on the final exam.

That's a pass rate of over 99%. ADTC is committed to your success. Part of that commitment is to only sign off on stellar students who will pass the final exam. We're not perfect, but we are as close as you can get!


Why choose ADTC for Flight Dispatcher Training?

We put our students into the final test knowing they'll pass, because when our students take the final test, they are ready for something more difficult—interviews!

When our students pass the final test and earn their "license to learn" they are already more knowledgeable than graduates from other schools, as we have the highest pass rate in the country. After graduation, we take it to the next level, we hold our interview/test prep class the day after graduation where we learn concepts not taught at other schools. These concepts are ones that come up in interviews as well as in training! Our graduates don't just interview better, they qualify earlier in training too! 

ADTC Flight Dispatcher School Benefits:

Our students get jobs as aircraft dispatchers. Graduates from other schools fill crew scheduling departments while our graduates fill dispatch departments. Many people who work in an airlines operations center might have a dispatch certificate but it takes more than that to become a dispatcher. ADTC is the only dispatch school to teach it's students the skills they need to actually become a dispatcher rather than just another person with a dispatch certificate. 

We forge our students into successful Aircraft Dispatchers instead of just someone with a dispatch certificate.

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