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   Aircraft Dispatcher Training Center is a 14 CFR Part 65 (FAA) approved school and was created by an experienced aircraft dispatch instructor who has helped hundreds of students earn their FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certificates on their way to rewarding careers in the airline industry.

  Our school is designed for the success of its students. Everything from our in-depth curriculum down to the smallest details of our classroom design.

Why Choose Aircraft Dispatcher Training Center?

  • At ADTC we take your career seriously. Our goal is to make you a successful Aircraft Dispatcher, not just someone with a dispatcher certificate.

  • We are the only Aircraft Dispatcher school with our one of a kind assessment test prep program to help you score dispatcher positions at major air carriers like American Airlines and Southwest Airlines. Learn more about the assessment test prep program here!

  • When you contact ADTC you will get the complete honest answers you're looking for, not a sales pitch with manipulated numbers to hide initial pass rates and other important details.

  • Attend a five-week program. The shortest duration approved by the FAA. Save your vacation time and spend less on lodging! If you are coming from out of town call or email us for our discounted hotel rates for students!

  • At ADTC you aren't just a number. We care about the quality of your training, so our class size is limited to 20 students per class. The FAA limits the class size to a maximum of 25 students per class according to federal regulations.

  • Learn from experienced instructors who has successfully taught hundreds of students from various backgrounds and cultures.

  • Additional time with an instructor is available every weekday plus optional classes on Saturdays at no charge. Saturdays are always optional and are dedicated for you and your questions and are never used as a "catch up" day.

  • ADTC keeps costs down. Don't pay for "included" programs that won't help you win in a dispatcher interview.

  • We are straight forward with our costs and what they include; there are no hidden fees. Tuition includes: All classroom materials, after hours instruction and the FAA written test. 

    •  Not included in tuition is the FAA practical test fee which is $500 and paid directly to the FAA designated examiner.

  • ADTCs classroom is designed to feel like an airline's operations center. This sets up graduates for success and feel comfortable when they begin training on the job! Check out our Gallery to see more!

  • Our instructors! Some schools are not upfront about who it is that will be teaching you and their background because it might be a current student who will be teaching you next month!

  • Teaching students to win on their exams and interviews is all we do, and we love it! Aircraft Dispatch is all your instructor teaches and your needs will be their only focus while you are in class.

  • Want more reasons why we are the best Aircraft Dispatcher school? Check out our Reviews or FAQs!

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