When choosing an Aircraft Dispatcher certification course there are many factors involved in the decision. If you do not ask the right questions in advance some of these issues may only become apparent after your class has started or even worse, when you graduate and find yourself in a job interview looking at a chart you didn't learn at dispatch school.


Asking the right questions can help you determine if a school has your best interests in mind. We hope these questions and answers help you find the best school for you.

1. When is tuition due?

2. Can I use my GI Bill to pay for any part of the course?

3. Can international students attend?

4. I am coming from out of town, where should I stay?

5. What should I expect during my five-week daytime class?

6. What should I expect during my eight-week nighttime class?

7. How and why does ADTC maintain such a high pass rate on the practical (final) test?

8. Am I required to attend the Saturday sessions?

9. What is the passing rate on the written test (ADX)?

10. Who will be my instructor?

11. What is the typical student - instructor ratio?

12. What is the classroom environment like?

13. What kind of charts are used for flight planning? Why does it matter?

14. What if I need extra instruction after class? How much does it cost?

15. What happens if I fail the final test?

16. What happens if I fail the written test, the ADX?

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