"It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money - that's all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do."

John Ruskin

The "thing" you buy from a dispatch school should be the education to successfully interview and get the job, not to earn a piece of plastic to put in your pocket. We are the only school to prepare it's students for testing at major airlines.


All dispatch schools are regulated by the FAA to teach same topics. These are the topics that students are tested on for certification. To get hired, especially at major airlines, candidates must pass a rigorous testing and interview process that is more difficult than the testing to earn the certification from the FAA and only the top performers get selected.

Our hearts go out to graduates of other programs with a plastic card in their pockets that says "Aircraft Dispatcher" in their pockets but can't get a job as a dispatcher because they were not set up for success. We have seen many people from other schools suffer the frustration of failing assessment tests and interviews and not getting the job as a result. Some, after years of failure, give up on their dream.

This is where ADTC is different! We'll let our graduates and refresher students tell the story from here!

"I wish I could give this more than 5 stars. I am so glad I chose ADTC! Chris was a fantastic instructor! The class was very informative with a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Going into the written exam during week 3 and practical exam during week 5 (FAA examiner), I was incredibly well-prepared, and breezed through the tests. I have heard that the dispatch tests were incredibly difficult, but honestly, it did not feel that way. Studying is an absolute necessity, but we were able to ask questions and review every topic for as long as we needed to feel comfortable with the material.

I looked at (literally) every single FAA-approved dispatch school in the country (I got a list from the FAA). I narrowed it down to my top 3 or 4 based on class dates, pricing, recommendations, etc. After speaking with Chris, I knew it was the right choice. While ADTC is a newer school, Chris is an experienced and knowledgeable instructor with the passion for teaching. I have never enjoyed sitting in a classroom all day for anything, until now. I learned a lot, and had fun doing it!

I highly recommend ADTC to anyone considering a career in Aircraft Dispatching!!"

Jake O.

ADTC Graduate - May 2018

Dispatcher for:

Piedmont - Jun 2018

Envoy Air - Dec 2018

Southwest Airlines - Dec 2019

"When I finally decided to get my Dispatch license I was referred to ADTC by multiple coworkers! I am so glad I listened to them!

Chris and John were so helpful every step of the way! They made learning fun and made the complicated things easily understandable!


Their doors are always open even after graduation and really prepared me for every step of the interview process for Southwest Airlines!


They don’t want to take your money and kick you out the door. They want you to get the job, reach your goal and that exactly what I did! Thank you so much Chris and John! If anyone is thinking about getting their dispatch license, don’t look at any school except ADTC!"

Ashley W.

ADTC Graduate - Jul 2019

Dispatcher for:

Southwest Airlines - Dec 2019

"For anyone considering if they should choose ADTC to get there dispatch license I would say without a doubt this is the school you should attend.

Chris is one of the best instructors! When you get him as an instructor you don’t just get him through the course, you have him until you accomplish your goal.

I was a recent graduate in April 2019 and he has taken the time out even after the course to sit with me and help me prepare for my HR and technical interview.


A lot of thanks to Chris, John and a lot of studying I just received an offer to become a dispatcher at Southwest Airlines! I appreciate you both so much thank you for sticking it out with me!"

Allison T.

ADTC Graduate - Apr 2019

Dispatcher for:

Southwest Airlines - Dec 2019

"Chris is a phenomenal instructor who truly loves what he does; this passion is very clearly manifested in the way he teaches, and in the amount of time he spends making sure each student has a thorough understanding of the subject material.


I was hired by a local Jet Charter within a month of graduating this course, and this is due to Chris' consistent guidance. If you're looking to break into the Aviation Industry as an Aircraft Dispatcher, ADTC is the way to go!"

Jac V.

ADTC Graduate - April 2018

Dispatcher for:

Ameristar - May 2018

"This class was one of the most challenging things I have ever done! But Chris makes it fun and he cares so much for his students and wants you to succeed even after you have your certificate! He gets a 10 from me!

Also Chris gave me the confidence to interview and ask for more money on a job offer before I even graduated!! And yes I did get the job!"

Jennifer L.

ADTC Graduate - Oct 2018

Dispatcher for:

Air Methods - Oct 2018

"I would recommend ADTC to anyone pursuing a career as an aircraft dispatcher. Chris is a top notch instructor and truly cares about every student. The program is structured well and is very rewarding. Chris knows when you're ready for your exams. I had no problem passing any exam.


I had a job offer within 2 weeks of completing the program. If anyone has any questions feel free to message me to get a student's prospective.

Steve K.

ADTC Graduate - Feb 2019

Dispatcher for:

Republic Airlines - Feb 2019

"I had an awesome experience with ADTC and Chris and could not recommend the school more! The class was very involved and really tested my ability to learn and retain new content, but also was a blast. Chris made even dull weather seem fun and I was well prepared for the tests and interviews. Prior to attending ADTC, I had no experience in the aviation industry now I'm moving forward in a new exciting career. Thanks Chris!!!"

Allen G.

ADTC Graduate - Dec 2018

Dispatcher for:

CommutAir - Apr 2019

SkyWest - Jul 2019

"Class was great due to a knowledgeable and funny instructor. I just received an offer letter and look forward to starting my career in aviation! Thanks Chris!"

Abram G.

ADTC Graduate - Dec 2018

Dispatcher for:

AEG Fuels - Jan 2019

"I highly recommend ADTC! I attended the Nov./Dec. 2019 five-week course. While I did come into this course with a good bit of aviation background (having taken four years of aviation classes in college), this class still taught me more than I ever knew about dispatch.


Chris and John are both great instructors who are personable, highly passionate, and very knowledgeable about what they teach. Their teaching style is unique and I honestly feel like I actually "learned" a lot from this course than compared to any class I ever took in college. They both do a great job of ensuring that you aren't just showing up to class, but actually understanding and retaining the material you need to know to be a dispatcher.


While they do want you to pass, they also truly care more about you actually landing a job as well, which is what really sets this school apart from many of the others. They also both know when you are ready to pass all your exams.


I passed both the FAA Written and Oral/Practical with ease. I must say, the small class size helped a lot and don't pass up the optional Saturday review days! I did not have much luck finding any jobs in the major field I graduated college with, but I was offered a dream job at a regional airline roughly a month after graduating from ADTC.


After searching around for other dispatch schools, I was set immediately on ADTC and I am so glad I made this decision! Thanks Chris and John for a great (and challenging) five weeks and the ability to start my dream career of working for the airlines as a dispatcher!"

Kaleb G.

ADTC Graduate - Dec 2019

Dispatcher for:

Republic Airlines - Jan 2020

"Can’t say enough good about this training center or Chris. 10 out of 5 Stars. I originally met Chris at another school in the area where I received my certificate. Chris goes out of his way to make sure each and every student understands the material.

After earning my license, I reached out to him here at ADTC where I took his refresher course. I single handedly believe the material I received for this course, gave me the necessary tools I needed to earn my current position as a dispatcher with a major Airline, this is where the other school lacked greatly.

If you're looking for a place to get your license go no further then right here at Aircraft Dispatch Training Center, I wouldn’t recommend any other training center."

Andy M.

ADTC Refresher Student - Jul 2018

Dispatcher for:

American Airlines - Sept 2018

"I took Chris’ 2 week refresher course to prepare for my airlines dispatcher test. I was 5 years removed from dispatch class and knew if I had any chance to get hired, I needed to be on my A game. 

I found the class to be very comprehensive; the smaller classroom size really made it easy for me to get personalized instruction and made it very easy to ask questions on anything I found confusing.

After 2 weeks of training, I found myself walking into the test feeling exceptionally knowledgeable and confident and rightfully so as I was 100% sure on nearly every question. Shortly after I received notice that I would be moving on to the interview process, being a former student, Chris was more than accommodating and even provided me with 1 on 1 interview preparation and mock practice. This practice was invaluable at helping me boost my confidence and gave me an idea of how to best handle the dispatch scenario that I would be faced with.


I ended up being offered the job and can’t wait to start my new job as a dispatcher!

Thank you for everything!"


Ryan T.

ADTC Refresher Student - Sept 2018

Dispatcher for:

Southwest Airlines - Nov 2018

"Chris was instrumental in getting my knowledge and career to the next level. I went through refresher training at ADTC to prepare for an upcoming Dispatch interview at a major carrier and was extended a job offer.

I truly credit the work we did with making me prepared to sit for the interview. I can't recommend Chris and ADTC enough. His knowledge, school facilities and passion are truly unparalleled."

Matthew K.

ADTC Refresher Student - Sept 2018

Dispatcher for:

Southwest Airlines - Nov 2018

"I came into this class with zero aviation background. I came from a super boring, very routine accounting job and I needed something to give me a little purpose. I looked into ADTC and they seemed to have a good confidence on getting me in and being successful. Little did I know then that my expectations would be beyond exceeded. I passed my written exam and my oral practical with flying colors and developed a passion for airplanes and the world of aviation.

I got a job one month after graduating and I'm super excited to begin a new life as a dispatcher. Thanks Chris so much for giving me new direction."

Jaclyn Z.

ADTC Graduate - May 2018

Dispatcher for:

Ameristar - Jul 2018

Hillwood Airways - Feb 2020

"I cannot say enough great things about ADTC and Chris. He truly cares about seeing his students succeed. He makes the class super interesting. I felt very prepared for both the written and practical test.


Once I received my license, I accepted a job offer within a month. I felt fully prepared for my interview also. Thank you Chris for everything."

Lauren H.

ADTC Graduate - Dec 2018

Dispatcher for:

CommutAir - Jan 2019

"I was nervous to take on this huge learning task. Chris could teach anything. I was amazed at the care he gives to each person. His teaching style worked so well for everyone in class. In addition to him being a great teacher he is also a wonderful person. I am now certified to be a dispatcher.


I also got hired by SkyWest only 3 months after graduating."

Ischell L.

ADTC Graduate - Jul 2018

Dispatcher for:

SkyWest Airlines - Oct 2018

"Highley recommend ADTC! I just finished the fall night class and now have my Dispatch Certificate!!


The process to say the least was not easy and requires you to commit yourself fully. At the end of the course I look back now and am glad that I had chosen to attend ADTC. Before I finished the class I had already secured two interviews for a dispatcher position.


When Chris says that you are his “baby” it’s true!! He truly does care that you not only succeed and pass the course but also that you secure a job. At the end of the day that is what we are all trying to do.


If and when you decide to attend ADTC, listen to what Chris has to say cause he knows what he is talking about. He will push you and push you but it is for a reason. After going through the oral exam I understand why."

Darian K.

ADTC Graduate - Nov 2019

Dispatcher for:

SkyWest - Dec 2019

"A beginning is the time for taking the most care that the balance between time and effort are correct. The time I spent in the dispatcher course at ADTC, combined with the effort that Chris and John put into each class, gave me the opportunity to start a new career with confidence.

There is so much more to dispatching school than just passing a test. You will want someone who is passionate and dedicated. You will want someone who understands the industry. You will want a teacher who knows more than anyone would ever want to know about dispatching and aviation. Those people are here.

As I write this review I am in the middle of training for an airline in the Midwest. I never thought I would be doing this. ADTC made it happen."

Jim C.

ADTC Graduate - Oct 2019

Dispatcher for:

CommutAir - Oct 2019

"I wish I could give more than 5 stars for ADTC! The brand Chris has made for this school speaks for itself. He puts the student first and his number one priority outside of you getting your certificate is you LANDING that dispatch job you just went to school for!

I graduated from the June-July 2019 class and was an internal applicant for Southwest Airlines when they opened a week after I got my certificate and ADTC was right there when I had questions or needed follow ups to keep everything fresh. I landed my dream job a month later!!!

This school is everything I could have asked for and more. If you are reading this then read no further and call up Chris and setup a time to check out his facility and really see what he is all about. You wont regret it!!"

Valorie C.

ADTC Graduate - Jul 2019

Dispatcher for:

Southwest Airlines - Aug 2019