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FAA requirements to attend an Aircraft Dispatcher Course

Be proficient in the English language

You must be at least 21 years of age to take the course, but the certificate will not be issued until you are 23.

Available Courses 2024 & 2025

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Everything you need to get your FAA aircraft dispatcher license.

200 hours (5 weeks)

8:00am - 4:30pm (Mon-Sat)



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Prerequisites: Meet the experience requirements in 14 CFR 65.57 and pass the ADX.

​80 hours (2 weeks)

8:00am - 4:30pm (Mon-Sat)



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Prerequisites: Meet our experience requirements (FAA Certifications, Airline Experience, or Education) and pass the ADX.

120 hours (3 weeks)

8:00am - 4:30pm (Mon-Sat)



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Prerequisites: Have an Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate from the FAA. This course is 100% Free for ADTC Grads!

​80 -120 hours (2 - 3 weeks)

8:00am - 4:30pm (Mon-Sat)



*Interview/Assessment Test Prep

    (Included in tuition for all courses. Held the day after graduation.)


  • Interview skills. The day after you graduate, you'll attend our one–of–a–kind, instructor led class where you will learn interview techniques used by the interviewers as well as strategies for answering some of the toughest interview questions. Our interview prep class must be offered outside the 200 minimum hours required by the FAA because it covers subjects outside of the FAA's syllabus. Developed with the assistance of an HR manager with over 30 years of experience, this course is designed to teach students how to tackle difficult interview questions in general as well as the nuances of technical Aircraft Dispatcher interview questions.

  • Assessment test preparation. The assessment tests that airlines give applicants requires knowledge that can go beyond the 200 hour program where course subjects are restricted by the FAA. On this day we dive deeper into dispatcher knowledge, information useful for both interviews and on the job knowledge, in excess of what other dispatch schools teach their dispatchers. While it is good to have a dispatch certificate, it is even better to beat out the competition and have a career as a dispatcher!

  • Beware of imitators. We are the only school to offer this program with proven results!


Graduation Requirements


  • Attend 200 hours of training. You must be at least 23 years of age to obtain the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate (If you are between the age 21 and 23 you may take the course and FAA practical test; however, you will be able to receive your certificate after you turn 23).

  • Pass the ADX (Aircraft Dispatcher Knowledge Test). The passing score for the ADX is 70% or above. Your first attempt is already covered by tuition. Further attempts are allowed—with instructor permission—and will cost around $175. This is not paid to ADTC...we work hard to make sure you are ready on your first go so you can splurge that money on something more fun! 

  • Pass the practical test (Final Exam). The practical test can only be administered by an FAA examiner. The test consists of 2 portions, knowledge and skills. In the knowledge portion, the examiner will ask general questions in each of the knowledge areas Aircraft Dispatchers are expected to know. For the skills portion of the test you will make a complete flight plan by hand. The practical test costs $500. As of December 2023 our final exam pass rate on the first attempt was 99%. This is because by the time our students graduate, they're ready for more than the practical test, they're ready for interviews!

*Day after Graduation

What Should I Expect During Class?

Our preparation for both the written and practical tests is led by an instructor in person. All coursework is instructor led.

Class starts at the scheduled time. Please be on time and advise ADTC staff if you will be late. Classroom hours are the commodity you pay for and we wish for you to be able to utilize them well and get the best education possible.

The typical day in the classroom follows this flow:

  • Review. We review the previous day's lesson and answer any questions which may have developed overnight.

  • Test. Most days will have a test to ensure retention of previous lessons.

  • New material. The bulk of a typical day.

  • Review. We cap off the day with a review of the current and previous lessons.

  • Post dismissal. After dismissal students are welcome to utilize the facility to study and ask any further questions they may have after dismissal.

What Should I Bring to Class?


  • A digital copy of your resume so we can help you get your resume in order for finding a job!

  • A bag for booksthe actual textbooks you will need are provided by ADTC and covered under your tuition.

  • A calculator (not required to be a graphing calculator—but you might want a square root function)

  • You may bring an electronic flight computer if you have one. These are not necessary and ADTC provides a paper one for you.

  • Food if you wish to pack a lunch there is a toaster oven, microwave and refrigerator available for student use. Otherwise ADTC is surrounded by many restaurants for lunch breaks.

  • Our dress code is casual during class days and business casual on exam days. Fridays are optional Hawaiian shirt days!

  • While you are welcome to bring your own, ADTC does provide notebooks, pens and pencils and any other material needed in class.

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